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How we train others

“You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop and what you reinforce.”—Tony Gaskins


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Hurricane Sandy

I have learned over the years not to get caught up in the media ruckus about upcoming storms but now something about the coverage of Hurricane Sandy has really got me churning: it seems more credible this time in spite of the drizzly wait that seems to minimize the pending storm.  Other than staying alert, making emergency plans and getting small doses of updates on the storm without overwhelming my over-charged adrenal system, I’ve also learned the importance really savoring and enjoying the forced “holiday”.  It fits in my concept of “traffic” and other ills:  just because we are stuck in traffic, doesn’t mean our life has to be miserable.  Interpreting some Buddhist thinking, I try to think of things that I have no control over like traffic or hurricanes as opportunities to stop and be more mindful of what I have and what I appreciate in my life. For me it is a time of deepening and strengthening my relationship with my “self”, my partner and others. It’s a time to catch up on some of my “for fun” reading. It’s a time to meditate.  While and if I can, I try to play a bit.  Sure, I stay alert.  I stay ready for what comes. I wish it were easy. It’s work.  I don’t always succeed but it’s worth practicing.

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iPad madness

Well,  I finally did it and as Kramer said in Seinfeld, “I LOVE IT, Jerry!!”  At first I thought it would be just another toy.  Don’t get me wrong,  it IS a toy PLUS. What a great piece of equipment.  Thanks again Apple!  It moves mobile computing and reading to a whole other level.  I was even able to download Moby Dick in Italian.  Those of you who know me know that that was the first entire book I had ever read in school.  Before that, nothing really got me.  It led to J F Cooper and a whole raft of other authors.  To find it free on my iPad is a real joy!!