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Sfoggiare un linguaggio forbito…

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Rubata dal gruppo “Sfoggiare un linguaggio forbito in risposta a miserabile insulti”.  Bella citazione.  Me la sono “rubata” per condividerla qui:

La mia nobiltà? Il mio stemma araldico sono le mie mani provate, il mio odore acre la sera, le trombe del dolor di reni. La mia donna. Voi avete visitato molti ventri di dama. Io ho preso dimora in uno ed adoro la musica della sua anima. Dite ora chi è ricco e chi no? Io vivo per chi amo. Voi per chi a voi si prostri. Siete solo.[Luca del Viscovo]


Author: ProjectGoodLife

Neil Bonavita is a Licensed Certified Social Worker and has been in private practice for 25 years doing individual, family and couple psychotherapy, personal coaching and small business consultations in the Philadelphia area. He is fluent in both Italian and English and enjoys working with individuals and business in the Italian-American community. Neil especially enjoys assisting Italians who have relocated to the US or who are doing business in the US navigate the cultural differences for a smoother, more-fulfilling and prosperous experience. As translated from his name "Bonavita," this blog has been created as an outlet for Neil to share his personal perspective on creating a "Good Life" - a balanced and fulfilling life realized through living a full, active life here in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond. You'll find some recommendations here for tips and resources to create your own "Good Life" however this blog is not intended to serve as a resource for formal counseling or professional advice.

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